How does the interview process work?

There are two main ways our clients conduct interviews. Very often they will fly into Ontario and interview candidates at our Head Office. Alternatively, we are able to arrange web-based interviews or, for candidates in very remote parts of the province, we can arrange phone interviews. Upon completion of the interview, you will be notified if you are hired within 24 hours.

Calculating Employee Turnover Cost

Employee turnover is an inevitable part of running an organization. When an employee leaves the company, organizations incur substantial costs. These costs include decreased productivity, the cost of hiring a replacement employee, increased training time and other indirect costs.

However, most organizations are still hesitating to calculate their employee turnover costs. Instead, they are devoting greater time to tracking the reasons for leaving.

Reasons for turnover can provide important insights for improving an organization’s internal conditions, systems and processes. As useful as these insights to turnover can be, more attention needs to be paid to the actual costs.

There is a lot of research focusing on the psychological and organizational determinants of turnover. While establishing which factors directly cause or lead to turnover is important, it is equally, if not more important to establish the specific costs associated with it. These costs vary from one organization to another and while it is fairly easy to find definitions of the individual components of turnover, it is much more difficult to find information explaining what the percentage to annual base salary is for specific job groups.

Here are the specific cost elements which provide the basis for the ensuing cost percentages:

  • Exit cost of previous employee
  • Recruitment Cost
  • Employee Cost
  • Orientation Cost
  • Training Cost
  • Lost productivity
  • Quality problems
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Loss of expertise
  • Temporary replacement costs

A lot of time is spent in order to track all of these various cost elements.

The Jack Phillips Center for Research has published a turnover costs summary. Their study expresses turnover cost ranges as a percentage of the annual base salary for different job types and categories:

  • Entry level-non skilled worker: 30 – 50%
  • Service/Production worker: 40 – 70%
  • Skilled Trades worker: 75 – 100%
  • Clerical/Administrative: 50 – 80%
  • Professional: 75 – 125%
  • Technical positions: 100 – 150%
  • IT Specialist: 200 – 400%
  • Supervisor: 100 – 150%
  • Department Manager: 125 – 200%

Most HR departments are already reporting on and drawing senior management’s attention to turnover related issues, especially voluntary leaves from the organization. When the additional step is taken, using the above range of percentages, the true cost of turnover becomes clear.

Does my new employer pay to relocate me?

YES! All of our clients provide some level of relocation pay. In some cases your new employer will send you a pre-paid airline ticket. In other cases, employers will simply provide you the cash in advance, or some will simply take your receipts (airfare, gas and hotel etc.) upon arrival and reimburse you on your first paycheck. We do not have any clients that expect you to pay for everything to relocate from Ontario.