A Brand New Low

According to the Globe and Mail recent post, the number of vacant Skilled Trades & Technical Roles will reach a new all-time-high number in less time. Previous statistics have said that by 2020 there will be 1 million vacancies, recent statistics suggest that by 2016 approximately 1.5 million vacancies will exist. Time to get a move on.


Mr. Harper in 2012 suggested that the growth and prosperity for the Canadian economy in this area is reliant on a challenge referred to as “people’s choices.” Can you guess what this means? The ‘people’ are students, and the choices are their future career paths.


It is unfortunate, however, many students have been mislead by the fact that someone must attend post-secondary education in order to obtain a fruitful life. Wrong. The skilled trades can offer an equally as bountiful lifestyle, if not more on average. The question now is where along this path of a student’s educational career has there been a fallout?


Noted in a recent Globe & Mail’s post, some would blame unqualified teachers for not making key subjects like science, technology, and math more fun and exciting. Without this “fun” the natural curiosity diminishes leaving subjects like this behind in the dust. Another obvious thought could be the societal expectations that parents have been placed within which ultimately are then pushed onto the students.


“You must go to University to get a good job,”

“Go to University or else you’ll be jobless.”


Someone who works within or has knowledge of Skilled Trades and Technical positions knows that this is entirely wrong and is far from the truth.


To wrap up, this skills shortage is the biggest challenge that Canada is facing and will be for years to come. There are solutions. The next step is just finding the right course of action and moving forward.