Provincial Government Invests 1M into Skilled Trades for High Schools

Over the next three years the provincial government is investing 1M to expand the New Brunswick Teen Apprenticeship Program. This program is designed to give high school students early training and employment in the skilled trades.

Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labor Minister Jody Carr said:

“This Year the program will expand to 28 high schools across New Brunswick and continue to grow each of the following two years”

and, “It is a great example of how our government is working with industry and high schools to connect young people to skills and jobs in New Brunswick.”

Students starting at the age of 15 will begin to experience a trade; gain three years of summer employment experience and earn credits towards graduation.  Not to mention, they will also finish the first level of their formal apprenticeship by the time they graduate.

Carr continued with, “This program is a key action item of our governmernt’s Labor Force and Skills Development Strategy 2013-2016.”

Through the next couple of years the pronvicial funding for the New Brunswick Teen Apprenticeship Program will be made possible through the Canada-New Brunswick Labor Marketing Development Agreement and the Canada-Newbrunsiwck Labor Market Agreement.

What does this mean for our Employers? What this means is that The Talent Group will not only be able to continue providing talent today, but also for years to come, as new generations of Skilled Tradesman and Tradeswomen break into the workforce, The Talent Group will be here to serve you.