Skilled Trades Is On The Rise in Canada

On October 23rd, 2014, the news broke that Canada is on the rise when it comes to Skilled Trades. announced the current internal staff changes, as well as some key facts to simply show the increase of Skilled Trades awareness in Canada.

Reza Moridi, Minister of Training Colleges and Universities made this statement:

“In just over a year, the Ontario College of Trades has already made significant progress, protecting consumers and giving skilled tradespeople decision-making power over issues that are important to them. By fulfilling our government’s commitment to support the continued success of the College by appointing a highly respected individual like former Secretary of Cabinet Tony Dean, we are once again demonstrating that we value the feedback of our skilled tradespeople and support fair, transparent and evidence-based review processes that will strengthen the skilled trades and consumer protection in this province.”


As noted, the following key facts exemplify the progression in this space within Canada. Although this is only the tip of the iceberg, its a start. Change comes from somewhere; it starts with the first step.

Progression Facts

  • More than 28,000 new apprentices registered in 2013-14, up from 17,100 registrations in 2002-03.
  • There are more than 150 apprenticeship trades in four sectors: construction, industrial/manufacturing, motive power and service.
  • The Ontario College of Trades is an independent, industry-driven governing body that protects consumers, and promotes and modernizes the skilled trades in Ontario.
  • Ontario is investing more than $165 million to support apprenticeships in 2014-15.

With the constant addition of new programs on the rise, we can continue to see the registrations multiply. Evidently, give that by 2020 we anticipate almost 1 million job openings, these apprenticeship registration need to start doubling, or even trippling year over year.